We are in a world that is fast changing from analogue to digital, from manual to computerization. It is amazing to know, see and experience what technology is doing to humanity the world.

Internet is the most of the amazing things that has ever happened to this age. You can sit in the comfort of your home and be transacting business in a far remote part of the world. Oh yes, thanks be to the advent of web1.0, the pioneer in internet world of discoveries. What can you say of Web2.0 that brought about the revolution of social media craze the world over? Now you can connect with your friends, relatives and or search out for someone, with whom you have lost contact with for several years ago.

It has even come to public discussion about many couples who met themselves through social media and thereafter got married. Talk of breaking barriers; yes Web2.0 has been able to achieve this in this present age. What a breakthrough in technology.

What will you say of Web3.0?

Great one indeed, because this innovation has brought about wonderful and exciting revolution in the way we interact. Real time interaction is going on this day; real time processing of transactions is carried out in seconds. Yes, this is much prevalent in the financial world and General System of Mobile Telecommunications using the 3G technology.

What then again is Web4.0?  

According to the research study carried out by a futurist, Daniel Burrus , the world should be expectant of Web4.0 that will be an ultra intelligent Electronic Agent. In his opinion, as soon as you are seated in front of your computer, there will be an interactive session, such that it will recognize you. Of a fact, it will become a sort of Personal Assistant that will practically manage your days for you.

Truly, I am incline to concur with Daniel Burrus, because what technology has brought about in this present age, and then we should be prepared for more unexplainable things. Yes, this is true and inevitable.