Search Engine Optimization is the way internet information is sought for in the World Wide Web (www). It is used to do research and extract information about a particular field or data. It attempts to improve search link of a website by ranking using the key words in that website. Having explained what SEO means, then there are some very relevant things you need to know about SEO.

The most important element of SEO that you hear most often do actually happen right on your website. Link building which you must have heard about will irrelevant where there is no good on site SEO. There are minimum standards that your website must have to pass for SEO, some are highlighted below:

  • MODERATION: In choosing your key words per page, you must be careful at ensuring that it is not overdone. It is recommended that, a maximum of 5 key words are on each page of your website. In case you are confused on what kind of key words to use, then AdWords Keyword Tools will be a very good help in this respect.

  • TITLE TAG: Title Tag on your website pages says a lot about the site to search engine what the page is all about. As a rule, it is recommended that it should not be more than 70 characters. In all of these 70 characters, it must be inclusive of your business name, brand name and keywords that relates to the page
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  • META DESCRIPTION: The existence of this on the pages of your website gives information to the SEO what your page is all about. That meta description helps with keyword ranking is still a subject of debate between computer analyst and programmers.

If word press is used in your website, it can be conveniently said you are in luck for doing so. The reason being that adding title tags and meta description will become an easy process because of free plugins.


You may have to add to your knowledge of SEO by knowing some very important additional on site elements. Some are listed below:

  • INTERNAL LINK: Link building is not only meant for external aspect of your website. It also includes link building with all of the pages in your website within the web content.
  • HEADER TAGS: This is described as the means by which both search engine and reader breaks the contents of site into an easily digestible units using the header tags.
  • IMAGE NAME and ALT TAGS: In the situation where images are used in your website, there is then the need to used good keywords for both the image and the alt tag.

To keep up with the current trends in marketing, then there is a need for the contents of your website to be relevant. It is the contents of your website that will pull traffic to it, and subsequently striking of business relationship. Towards this, no effort should be spared at ensuring that the content is good and relevant.